2018 Tesla Model S Prices, Reviews, & Pictures

Model S Tesla Model S is an all-electric luxury sedan targeted at people who desire the most recent technology and a car which emits zero carbon dioxide. Tesla has launched Model S in 2012 and has since launched the Model S for the 2012 model year.


There’s no doubt there is no doubt that it is clear that the Tesla Model S is a distinct car that turns heads wherever it is. While it’s not an actual Rolls-Royce in any way by the imagination, it is equipped with the latest technology that you can’t get in other vehicles. Additionally, you won’t have to stop at an gas station that has the Model S, unless you really require Slurpee.

Trims and Pricing

Tesla provides models such as the Model S in two trims including base and performance. The base model’s standard features comprises cruise controls, two zones of automatic climate control and LED daytime running lights 19-inch wheels, power windows power locks, 17-inch touchscreen, vinyl and cloth upholstery. There are heated as well as adjustable front seats 60/40 split folding rear seats, a power adjustable steering wheel, rearview cameras Bluetooth connectivity, as well as an audio system that includes 7 speakers, HD Radio and two USB ports. The Performance trim, you get Active Air Suspension, leather upholstery, and the capability to utilize two chargers. A Tech option is available with turn-by-turn direction, LED foglights high-powered xenon headlights and a the rear door, automatic dimming of side mirrors as well as keyless ignition and entry as well as an HD rearview camera. The Sound Studio package outfits the vehicle with a surround-sound system that includes twelve speakers. Stand-alone components include performance tires, 21-inch wheels, third-row seats facing the rear, a panoramic sunroof car cover as well as two chargers that are onboard. The Model S comes with a factory invoice of around $62,000 for a base version as well as an MSRP approximately $69,000. The Performance trim is worth about $25,000 more than the MSRP of the vehicle. Membership means that you can count on your certified dealer to show respect to you and will offer the price you can count on to guarantee savings.

Engine and Performance

Because it is the Model S is an electric vehicle, its powertrain comprised of a single water-cooled electric motor. It transmits the power it produces through a single-speed gearbox, which, in turn, sends energy into the wheels at the rear. Each model is equipped with lithium-ion battery packs which power the motor. There are four different powertrain options to choose from. The first comes the battery with a capacity of 40 kWh. Its motor is capable of producing an equivalent of 350 horsepower and 310 pounds of torque. The EPA provides Model S Model S with the 40-kWh battery pack an endurance of 140 miles. The next option are the 60-kWh pack which has an performance of 317 horsepower at 302 hp and 302 pounds-feet of torque. The EPA estimates range is around 208 miles. Tesla claims that 0-60 acceleration takes 5.9 seconds. A model with an 85-kWh battery produces 362 horsepower, and 325 pounds-feet of torque. The EPA states that it can travel 265 miles. Accelerating from 0-60 in 5.6 minutes. The 85-kWh Performance generates 416 horsepower, and also 443 pounds-feet of torque. The driving range is 265 miles. Tesla states that 0-60 acceleration is just 4.4 seconds. The recharge of battery packs for the Model S battery pack can be accomplished using a common 120-volt or even 240-volt outlet inside your home or at the public charging stations due to universal mobile connector as well as adapters that come in the vehicle. Charging the car using an outlet that is 240-volt takes about five hours for the 40-kWh battery as well as the one onboard charger. The 60-kWh battery requires around eight hours to fully charge while the 85-kWh one requires about 12 hours. Dual-chargers require a 100-amp circuit to function properly. It is compatible with batteries with 60-kWh or 85-kWh capacity which will roughly cut down the time required to recharge. Models that have similar batteries can utilize the Superchargers Tesla is developing across the country. They will charge batteries within a half-hour, and provide enough power to allow the vehicle for another 160 miles.


In terms of inside, Tesla offers a unique interior that is stylish and cozy. There aren’t any physical controls inside the car. Instead, most of the features are controlled via the massive touchscreen in the middle stack. The interface resembles an iPad and works effectively. Drivers can also rearrange where icons appear in different menus, similar to modern smartphones. The touchscreen also comes with Internet connectivity, which means you can search for directions, or anything else you might need traveling. The materials employed on Model S are of high-quality. Model S are high quality However, people familiar with buying expensive cars may feel that the materials and structures seem cheap. For instance it’s leather upholstery is nice, however, it’s less soft than you will find in some of the most luxurious high-end cars available. The handful of switches that are physical within the interior were made by Mercedes which means they are of a high-quality feel to the switches. However, for the price it’s a good value. Model S offers up a high-quality interior that is well-appointed to be competitive with other luxurious cars on the market. Both rear and front seats have plenty of legroom. This will accommodate taller people, however the rear headroom is a bit limited. The seats are comfortable and provide enough support to keep everyone comfortable even on longer drives. The third-row seats, however are small and not usable for anyone, excluding children. The cargo space in the rear is 26.3 cubic feet. When you fold down the second row seats, the cargo space is increased by 58.1 cubic feet. A trunk beneath the front hood has 5.3 cubic feet for small objects.

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