2018 Subaru BRZ Prices, Reviews, & Pictures

The Subaru BRZ is a front-engine rear-wheel-drive sports coupe targeted at those who want an affordable and enjoyable car to drive. Subaru and Toyota have collaborated on the development of the BRZ that is available in the Scion FR-S in North America as well as Toyota 86 elsewhere. Toyota 86 elsewhere. Both automakers worked for more than four years to design the BRZ and launched it in 2013 with the 2013 model year.


If you’re a huge lover of Subaru or Japanese rear-wheel-drive cars then the BRZ is certainly worth taking a glance. The reliability should be over the average. The car has incredible control and balance However, it could appear unreliable when merging into the freeway. In the same amount of dollars, cars such as those of the Ford Mustang and Volkswagen GTI provide faster acceleration and greater comforts that buyers are likely to find appealing.

Trims and Pricing

Subaru has the BRZ coupe with two trim levels. The base trim is referred to as Premium and includes features such as a manual six-speed transmission and navigation system, Bluetooth, side seat and side curtain airbags as well as stability control and the ability to control traction. The buyers who select the more expensive trim that is known as Limited have all the features of the Premium model with features such as heated front seats, the side mirrors. It also comes with leather upholstery, keyless ignition, and an automatic transmission. The BRZ includes an invoice from the factory of $25,097 for the Premium model as well as an MSRP at $26,265. Buyers who prefer the Limited trim can anticipate an MSRP as high as $27,495.

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Engine and Performance

The two versions of the Subaru BRZ come with the identical 2.0-liter four-cylinder boxer motor. Despite its tiny dimensions, the engine can produce 200 horsepower as well as 151 pounds-feet of torque with no assistance of a supercharger or turbocharger. The buyers who select the automatic transmission with six speeds can manage gear changes manually using paddles for shifting that are mounted to the steering wheel. The automatic transmission comes with downshifts that are rev-matched. The EPA estimates fuel consumption for the BRZ equipped with the manual transmission to be 22 mpg for city-driving and 30 mpg when on the highway, and 25 mpg when mixed driving. Models with an optional automatic transmission can achieve 25 mpg when driving in the city as well as 34 mpg on highway, and 28 mpg when mixed driving.


People who are familiar with the current Subaru and Toyota cars will recognize how the Subaru BRZ has controls and switches that are from both brands’ part bins. The overall design of the interior of the BRZ is simple and neat and does not have the flashy frills that are found in other vehicles such as those of the Mustang and GTI. Interior of Subaru BRZ is simple and clean. Subaru BRZ is dominated by the black color scheme, with grey accents thrown into the dashboard and the steering wheel. The gauges glow with red and provide an impression of racing like the pedals in the car made of aluminum. Many might feel that the interior of the BRZ is too refined for its cost but Subaru has positioned it as a simple performance vehicle, and the interior is a reflection of its unpretentious approach. The front seats are spacious and sturdy bolsters that are effective in keeping the driver and the passenger securely in place during tough turns, however in the back, the seat is very uncomfortable and cramped, not to mention it’s not equipped with headrests. Like most modern cars that are available, the BRZ has touchscreen infotainment systems that are mounted within the center of the stack. It controls the car’s navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, radio and navigation and also displays data such as the vehicle’s average speed and estimated range up to empty. The buttons on the touchscreen aren’t easy to use due to their small size, and also navigation is difficult. Both passengers and drivers may be able to determine the appropriate button on screen becomes more difficult when the vehicle is traveling through a rough spot on the road, which makes the system frustrating when driving. Owners aren’t able to carry much things in the BRZ’s small 6.9 cubic-foot trunk. Because the back seat is tiny as well as uncomfortable to sit in, folding seats can increase the storage space quite a lot, allowing the transportation of larger things like golf bags and big suitcases.

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